Sunday, June 13

Push My Button!

I've created a button...or I made the button image in Photoshop and my husband figured out how to make it a blog button!! Just copy and paste the code you see below into your html/java gadget on your blog to help direct traffic this-a-way!!


Saturday, June 12

Book Wreath

This beautiful wreath makes a statement in my home. I love having it as a centerpiece when people first walk through my door.
I saw it at a craft boutique and figured I could make one myself...
It takes A LOT of hot glue!!
A styrofoam wreath & pages from and old book (I ink the edges of the pages)

I do an "S" shape kind of a roll fold.

Or a double roll
I start at the back and glue all the way around...
...before flipping it over and gluing layer by layer all around the wreath.
When I'm finished I add a ribbon hanger and my tag!
This is not so much a tutorial as a "how I figured it out"...if you're inlove with this wreath, I'd ba happy to make you one! You can place an order on my etsy site, the link is on the sidebar of my blog! Thanks!!