Thursday, September 30

Giveaway Winner

I'm so happy to announce a winner, sorry its taken a couple extra days (I have a cranky, teething baby).

I found a random number generator on the internet. Each person was assigned a number or two or three according to the rules of the giveaway.

The winner is..................(drum roll please).................

Katie W.
(you have to send me a picture of you or one of your girls wearing it)
I'll send you an email (and since I happen to know where you live) I'll bring by your felt flower headband laters.
Thank you all for entering, I know you were mostly my personal friends, but that's how these blogs grow is by word of mouth!! And for those followers who I don't know personally THANK YOU SO MUCH for following this little blog!!!!!!!!
I'll have another giveaway in late October/early November!

Monday, September 27

Busy as a Beaver

Ok...if you haven't entered my very first GIVEAWAY, then scroll down and enter! Its free and who doesn't love to win things!!

I am prepping for my very first boutique and I have to say its been super hard to focus on everything that needs to be done. I will post more info on the Mae Boutique soon!! If you live in the Gilbert/Queen Creek/Mesa/San Tan Valley area mark your calendar for October 8 & 9!!! My friend, Christine, hosts a rockin' awesome boutique in her home and I'm so glad to be part of it!!

I finally made a list...I have to, in order to get things done! I suffer from "Crafting ADD" (so, Christine says) and I do find it very hard to focus on one project at a time! Been totally into wreaths lately...yarn and felt have been inspiring me...feel free to click on the links below to see what's new in my etsy shop:

QUESTION: I always wonder about price on my etsy shop!! Do you think my prices are fair? After much looking on, I find that I'm priced way below most other shops, but I do know my quality is as good or better...I don't charge a lot because its a hobby and I want to make enough to support my addiction to crafting!! Please share your thoughts!! Do I up my prices or stay the same?

Also, hosted my first Crafting Bee Night last Tuesday...WAY FUN!! I'll post the October Crafting Bee on Facebook, so please "Like" me there if you're interested in coming!

Well, I should go to bed...the baby is teething which means very little sleep and another long and busy day tomorrow.

Thursday, September 16

Pain is Beauty

I'm so in LOVE...but my fingers are paying the price. These necklaces with matching hair clips are so fun to wear...however, they require close work with hot glue and in order to avoind threads I like my glue HOT. I've got a couple blisters, but its totally worth it!

I wanted some new accessorie to wear to a show my husband and I were going to last weekend, but didn't have the funds to buy new jewelery. I had to use what I had at home. Necessity is the mother of invention...even though I've seen these type of neckalces before I didn't know how they were put together, so a little brain power and creativity did the trick!

Tuesday, September 14


I'm doing my very FIRST GIVEAWAY!
I'm very excited!!
Here's what I'm giving away...
One of my felt flower hair clips with headband.
I made one for my BFF (she got a ton of compliments) and she wondered if there was a way to make the flower so it can go on a clip or a headband...I put my brain to work and came up with a way to make it work. So you can wear the flower as a hairclip or on the headband.
How do you enter!?????
1. All entrants must be followers of my craft blog, La La Lola Handmade Gifts
2. For one entry, leave a comment with which color you would choose if you won along with the email I can contact you if you win
3. For an additional entry, become a fan of La La Lola Handmade Gifts on Facebook
4. If you link this post onto your blog and leave a comment saying you did so, then you will get an additional entry
The contest ends on Septemer that's two weeks from today!

Lavendar Felt Flower
Pink Felt Flower
Grey Felt Flower
Thank you for looking and for entering!

Friday, September 10

Twin Sets

I have a friend with 10 week old twins, a boy and girl, and she was telling me that its hard to find matching, cute outfits for boy/girl twins...we put our heads together and made the camo onesies (toward the bottom) this afternoon and I was so inspired that I had to keep going after my kids were in bed.

I made the Mickey/Minnie set tonight...

How cute would twins look in these matching sets!?

Tuesday, September 7

Costumes Galore

I love Halloween and its right around Labor Day every year that I start thinking of what to make for this coming Halloween. I have a degree in Theatre, so I love dressing up! I love dressing my kiddos up and my husband too! My favorite is our matching Pirate costumes. :)

Leave a comment and tell me what you're favorite Halloween costume has been??

This year, my kids want to be the same things they were last year and that's fine with I'd like to sell my services!

If you live in the Queen Creek/Mesa/Gilbert, Arizona area...I am looking for clients who would like to have unique costumes made for Halloween 2010! The client will provide the pattern & materials, I will sew the costumes. Children's costume construction fees $35-$50 (depending on difficulty) and adult costumes would be $80-$100.

I do have some patterns that clients can look at to use if they'd like.

I would like to shop with you and give you my 15% discount at JoAnn's Fabrics. Let me know via email me if you're interested

There may be fittings, especially with adults, that you'd need to make yourself available to come to my house. The costumes I make stand the test of time and are so much better then what you get at any store.

Here are a sampling of costumes I've made...

Snow White

Renaissance Dress

Adult Pirates

Child Pirate

I don't have a picture of the costume standing (bummer) but I created the headress and the wig is a cheap one I bought online and made it look better.



Batman with a cape

New Listings...

I've listed some new items in my shop on a look and pass along info of my shop onto who you'd think would be interested. Thanks!