About Me

I am Lola...an artistic mother of three who has a flair for the dramatic!

I have a wonderfully supportive husband who works super hard and loves his family...and I have three of the cutest, strong willed children whom I love with more than all my heart.

I hesitate to call myself an artist, but as I grow older and wiser I can see myself as such. In addition to my exciting artist life, I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter. I have an amazingly supportive family!

I've always had a love for crafting and sewing which started when I was young. I learned to sew from my grandmother and my mother. My mom, sister and I were constantly doing crafts and art projects. I find it hard to remember a weekend when the dining room table wasn't covered in something crafty.

In college I studied theatre...a bit of acting, but the creative design side excited me more. I became a stage manager and then went on to teach high school drama. After my third baby, being a full-time mommy was important, so the formal career is on hold.

I love blogging and the possibilites seem endless in the craft-blog world! I'm constantly inspired by what I see in this great big crafty world!!

If you ever have a question please reach me at Note2Lola@gmail.com

Photograph by Moments Defined Photograpy