Tuesday, February 22

My Satin Edge Tutu Featured

My wonderful friend, Sarah, at Moments Defined Photography has one of my baby pink satin edge tutus and used for a recent newborn shoot. I love how soft and delicate it turned out with this sweet baby girl! Sarah is an AMAZING photographer and if you're in the East Valley here in AZ check her out!!

If you're a photographer and would be interested in using any of my items as photography props, please email me. I offer a discount in exchange for the right to use your photo with my product on my blog, FB page and etsy listings and I will always give full credit to the photographers with a link to their website.

Monday, February 21

{simple starfish} GIVEAWAY!

{simple starfish} is this great little jewelry maker that I found via Facebook! They're doing a giveaway of the BLOOM necklace!

I LOVE LOVE this necklace and its going on my **WISH** list for upcoming special occassions.

Go to the BLOG to enter for yourself!!

Wednesday, February 16

Heart Breaker Valentine from MADE

I really wanted to do something cute for my kindergartener's school Valentine's party...
so I got an idea from a blog, MADE, that I LOVE!
Click HERE for the tutorial and printout

So we printed them out (I already had cute colored paper) and cut them up and N wrote his classmates names on each one.
Writing 24 names is a lot for a kindergartener, so we broke it up over a few days.

 His handwriting could use some work, but if you've ever seen my husband's chicken scratch, you'd just chalk it up to genetics. :)
N picked out kit-kats to put inside each heart, which I thought went along with the "break" theme...heartbreaker...gimme a break...clever, I thought.

They were a hit at the party!!

TT&J Giveaway to Maya Road

I love the Tatertots & Jello blog! If you haven't checked it out, then you need to...there's a ton of inspiration and a lot of great giveaways.

She's doing one now for $50 to a company called Maya Road! I've entered and crossing my fingers to win...just passing it along for y'all to enter too! Looking at their website makes me wish I had all the time in the world to sit and create and craft!!

Good luck!

Tuesday, February 15


WINNER of the bowtie giveaway is comment #14:


Please email me @ Note2Lola@gmail.com with your shipping address and if you would like the ties any different size, right now they fit 12"-14" neck which will fit most 2-6 year olds.

Thank you all for entering the giveaway!! Stay tuned for more to come... :)

Here's how I came up with the winner:

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 32
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Sunday, February 13

Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
These are my darling Valentines...love them!

Wishing you a day filled with LOVE amongst family and friends!

 Once upon a Valentine's Day, a little Princess was looking for a Valentine's kiss...

 She searched until one day she found a handsome young boy...who was a bit of a stinker...

She puckered up...the young princess looked lovingly at her handsome little stinker, hoping for her long awaited Valentine's smooch..
The little stinker boy, gave in...reluctantly and let the princess kiss him...

The princess was instantly turned into a stinker and lived happily ever after!

(Starring my little stinker boy and stinker princess...they had fun posing for pictures today)

Tuesday, February 8

Bowtie Bonanza GIVEAWAY

Ok...so Valentine's Day is coming up and I'm feeling the L-O-V-E!

So to celebrate I'm going to giveaway TWO...not one but TWO...of my little boy bowties (I can make them big boy bow ties too, just send me a measurement)

These are great for taking pictures in or wearing to church...Easter's coming up too!

The winner will receive the Covered in Kisses Bowtie and the Sunshine Yellow Bowtie!!

How do you enter to WIN??

You will receive ONE entry for each of the following:
- Become or already be a follower of my BLOG (leave a comment below that you've done that)
- Become a fan, or already bo one, on facebook www.facebook.com/lalalolagifts (leave ANOTHER comment below stating you've done this)
- Share my facebook page with ALL your friends on Facebook (Yep, leave another comment when this is complete)
- Follow me on Twitter www.twitter.com/LaLaLolaGifts (Leave yet ANOTHER comment below telling me you've done this)
- Post my blog's button on your blog (And you guessed it, leave another comment saying you've done this)
- Share this giveaway on your own blog/twitter/facebook page (Leave a comment...sorry only one entry for this, even if you have all three)

Each comment you leave is ONE entry, once you've competed the task(s) above. I will generate a random number at the end of the drawing and the comment that coordinates with the number will be the winner!
If you live outside of the continental USA, you will be responsible to pay for shipping.


So, you won't have your Covered in Kisses Bowtie for V-Day this year, but there's no reason he can't wear it all year long!