Saturday, October 16

Yarn Secret

I forgot in my last post to tell y'all about my secret place to buy yarn! Yep...I love Goodwill...I think its a great place for crafters to go and hunt down a bargain.
I've been lucky there and especially with YARN! I got 3 scanes of fun fur yarn for $2 last time I went, one scane usually goes for $3-4 at craft stores. I generally find nice yarn, the good expensive brands, when I hit up your local Goodwill!!
Other recent bargains:
- Disney Store Brand Cinderella Nightgown $2
- Scentsy Burner (new in the box) $5
- Melissa & Doug Brand floor puzzle $3
- Like new tap shoes for my little girl $3 I'm totally in the mood for Goodwill...think I'll make a trip there on Monday!

Wednesday, October 13

Hats...Hats for Sale

When I was pregnant last winter, I got on this crazy knitting spree (no, not traditional knitting the kind you do on a loom). I still love all the hats I made and I look forward to the weather cooling down and cuddling up with a ball of yarn on my couch again this winter.

During the boutique I was in last weekend, I put some flowers on my hat and all of a sudden my hats transformed into something beautiful!! I used my little girl as my model, she loved wearing the hats because they're so SOFT! I'm a texture freak and my oldest boy has sensory processing disorder so we are all about all things soft & cuddly!!

There are more pictures on my etsy site:

Monday, October 4

Punk Rock Onesies

Totally in love with applique onesies!! I wish I had done this when my little girl was a baby...but she's two now. :) I put these on my etsy shop and they're available in any size and completely customizable!!

I found images on a Google search that I liked them used them as a pattern for the crown and skull & crossbones. I think they're stinkin' cute!
(Yes, that is my baby BOY in the pictures...he didn't care and I don't plan on telling him when he's shhhh)