Saturday, May 29

Turning Old into NEW!

I had this bridesmaid dress from my sister's wedding five years ago in my closet. The fabric is a satin pink...the brightest pink ever made, which is very pretty...but in limited amounts. :) My sister loves pink and I love her so I wore the pink.

I wanted to do some purging and was itching to sew and buying new fabric wasn't in the budget....
So with much thinking and many sleepless nights as I worked out a pattern in my head, this is the cute ruffle skirt I came up with!
I always, always use a pattern when I sew, but this time I wanted to be creative. I had a need to create something that was all mine. Sophie wouldn't stand still long enough for me to get a picture of her in it. She loved her new skirt and I hope to get a picture of her in it soon!!
Don't worry, I didn't waste all the fabric not used in the skirt. Its all cut out ready to be made into fabric flower hair clips & headbands, which I hope to have up soon on my etsy site!!

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