Sunday, November 7

Apron Making Craft Night

I'm hosting a craft night in my home monthly and its way fun! This month I'm dying to make one of these cute, retro aprons!!

The night is Tuesday, November 23rd...yes, I know its right before Thanksgiving. but woudn't it be fun to have one of these cute aprons to wear for the big day!! 4:30 to 10:30'll have the details if you're my friend on facebook.

The catch is that I need everyone attending to have their material purchased and cutout prior to Craft Night so we can focus on can come to my house prior to that night and cut using my pattern (but will be in my size) or purchase your own : Simplicity 2592

I'm making apron C an maybe A too ahead of time so I can help not so experienced sewers!
The amount of fabric you'll need and notions are in the last picture!
Here's apron A

Apron B
Apron C
Apron D
If the picture won't enlarge when you click it then email me for the details!!
I'm so excited!! :D

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