Tuesday, January 18

I WANT this....please :)

This beauty is called a Silhouette machine! You can find out about it HERE...oh my goodness! It is seriously one of the best things to happen since the invention of the sewing machine...and I'm saying that without ever laying my hands on one!

This is going on to the top of my WISH list!! Forget the ipad I've been dreaming about, or even the serger that I've wanted for years...this Silhoutte would CHANGE MY LIFE!


Valeen said...

I've been lusting after that too! (Is it okay to say lusting?) Ü

Lola said...

Ha ha! I think LUSTING is the most appropriate word!

Karen Adair McCain said...

Valeen, you're funny. Lola is right and you want to communicate clearly, so... 'lusting' it is.