Saturday, January 1

T-Shirt Style Painted Silhouttes

I took the idea I had with painting silhouttes of my children and created a really fun, original Christmas gift for my husband, but really this would make a great birthday/Mother's Day/Father's Day/Grandparents Day/Arbor Day present!

You'll Need:
Pictures of your kids turned into stencils (see my other tutorial)
Freezer Paper
T-shirt (I used a Jerzeez from Target)
T-shirt Paint
Paint brush
Iron & Ironing Board

I used the stencils I created and traced them onto the non-shiny side of the freezer paper.
I highly recommend cutting the paper to equal sizes like 4x6, it will help in lining up the silhouttes on the t-shirt.
I then cut out the faces of my children, starting by making a hole in the center and cutting out. My little Fiskar scissors are the best at detail cutting.

Then, iron the shiny side DOWN. Be careful to line up the pictures. Mine aren't lined up and are off a little, no one else notices but its fine...except for OCD me. :)
Then put a strip of freezer paper between the front and back of the shirt on the inside, with the shiny side towards your ironed on stencils.

Time to paint! I bought the velveteen paint at Michaels and liked how it turned out, its not too stiff when it dries.
I was cautious and outlined the edge of the stencil first, but this was not needed, so just paint away!

Fill in the entire stencil. I did three coats to get it black enough.
Once completed...the hardest thing to do is wait for the paint to dry!

Once its dried, carefully peel off the freezer paper, you made need tweezers to get you started or for small areas.
Here's my husband in his new shirt. He doesn't have a designated office space at his job, but can dress casual on Fridays and he's loved wearing his shirt to work.


Lulu said...

I love this idea! Now I need to find your stencil tutorial so I can make one of these for my hubs. It looks great!!

Visiting from Tatertots & Jello

Lola said...

Thanks, Lulu! Its on the blog the post from December 14th. :)