Friday, March 11

Four Leaf Clover Lollies Door Hanger Tutorial

**Warning, this is a seriously simple NAPTIME craft, to be started and completed while the kiddos nap**

My five year old has been on my case about the lack of St. Patrick's Day decorations. In his world, the house should be redecorated for EVERY little holiday, he even asked me about Mardi Gras, Kindergarten has opened a whole new world, I used to be able to skate by the less significant holidays...not anymore!

So last week while the baby was napping and my daughter was watching "Princess and the Frog" for the one millionth time, I snuck away to craft.

I have this obession with lollies (the ribbed circles), so I decided to go with that.

I found any green stuff I had, scrapbook paper, gems and ribbon!
I cut three sheets of 12X12 paper into 6X6 squares, you'll need three squares to make one lolly.
Next you'll accordian fold each square of paper. I do my folds about 1/2 inch wide.
TA DA! Its an accordian fold!
Now squish up your accordian and fold it in half
You'll glue (using a hot glue gun) your folded accordian at the center to make a fan shape
Do that to all three folded accordians and then glue those three together to create a circle.
The circles will b 6" in diameter, so if you want an 8" circle, cut 8" squares to fold.

Do this to make three lollies, I used three different shades of green.
Now for the shamrock...a four leaf clover is basically four hearts put together at their tips. I drew a heart I liked then copied it and traced it four time to make this clover.
Trace your clover onto some scrapbook paper, I used two greens and a white paper to get my three clovers. These will go into the center of each lolly...
But wait!! Before gluing it on, if you have a green ink pad, give your clover some depth by distressing it with ink.
Once you have your clovers done, glue them into the center of each lolly. I had some green gems and used those to glue around the lollies for added bling and sparkle!
Next step, cut a ribbon, mine was 1 1/2" wide, to the length of 24". Glue that ribbon to the back center of the lollies, making sure they're evenly spaced.

I glued a 10" section of smaller ribbon in a loop on my top lolly to use as a hanger.
And there you have it!
This was a way easy, fast little craft and it made my son very happy to come home from school to see a St. Patrick's Day decoration up.

All the materials I used was from my own stash, which is even better! I have so much craft supplies that go unused...I totally plan on making more lolly hanger, one for each holiday perhaps. 

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Maggie said...

very cute and love that you used your stash too. Am def going to have to dig through my stash and do this one.