Tuesday, April 5

My Baby Boy and Rainbow Joy

So, the rainbow cupcakes were a HUGE hit!

I made them for St. Patty's Day and for my little Bubba's first birthday!
 The recipe called for whip cream on top, but I have a great cream chees frosting recipe that was perfect with the lightness of these cupcakes. They were not hard to make, just way more steps then a cupcake should be...but the reaction of my kids made it totally worth it.

Here's my birthday boy ripping into his cupcake...it lasted all of five minutes before there was nothin' but crumbs.

My little girl likes frosting, not a big cake fan, so she ate half of it, but loved the pretty rainbow. 
 And my oldest enjoyed every bite, but wondered where the gold was at the end of the rainbow.
I will definately be making these again, we'll just keep it to an annual basis!

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