Monday, May 2

An Apple for Teacher

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day!

So last week I took my five year old down to JoAnns and let him pick out fabric to make his teacher an apron. He saw this cute apple print, oh he's so like his mommy, and we both instantly knew it would make the perfect apron for his kindergarten teacher.

I finished it up tonight and he is so excited to give it to her tomorrow!

 I've loved this pattern for a long time, its a vintage inspired apron pattern and I really think that if you're going to wear an apron it had better be DANG cute! 

I used to be a teacher and I know how hard they work and how little teachers get paid, especially for all the extra hours they put in!! If you have kids in school, even if you don't always see eye to eye with their teachers, just take a few minutes and send a card or even an email thanking them for all they do! Trust me, it makes a difference...I can remember every parent who thanked me or complimented get out there are appreciate those teachers!

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