Monday, May 23

Frame Wreath {Upcycle of the Week}

I saw this WREATH at The Diary of Dave's Wife last August and fell in LOVE. I've been dying to do something similar for my own door. She uses paper and I chose to use fabric and my flowers are different. I love the way my turned out and I wanted to share how I did it. Thanks, Kristy, for the inspiration!

I LOVE Goodwill...I know I say it all the time. If you live in the Mesa, AZ area the best store (in my opinion) is the one on Recker and Main. There's a lot of treasures from the Snowbird popullation that get donated.

I saw this frame at Goodwill for $5 and knew it would be PERFECT for my front door! Its made of metal and I adore the shape of it.
 I spray painted it with Krylon Brushed Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze, comes out looking black, but metallic black.
 The frame was large enough to fit our last name onto it, so I picked up wooden letters at JoAnns for $1 each.
 I spray painted them the same as the frame.

Next, I wanted to embellish the letters with paper roses.

First, freehand a spiral onto a page of an old book. I have a torn up Complete Works of Shakespeare I use for Book Wreaths.
 Cut the spiral out...
 Starting with the inside, roll it up to look like a rosebud.
 Then I dab hotglue onto the letter, place the outside of the paper flower on the glue.
Make another dab of hot glue...
 ...and gently place the flower bud on that dab. Don't worry if its not glued down solid, its fun to have the flower a little free flowing.
 So do this to all the letters. Cute, huh?
 I picked up a half a yard of fabric I liked at JoAnns...going with a black and white theme here.
 I used the picture in the frame to trace onto the fabric.
 Then mod podged the fabric on top of the picture.
 Put the frame back together and put a piece of fabric at the top to use as a hanger.
 Then I hot glued the letters onto the fabric.

The last step is some fabric flower embellishment. I wanted to do gathered fabric flowers because they're fast and cute.

Cute a 2 inch wide by 10-15 inch long piece of fabric. You can also use ribbon, but I like how the fabric frays a bit for a shabby look.
 Take a needle and thread and do a running stitch along the bottom edge of the fabric, gathering it as you go along.
 The fabric will automatically start to roll and form your flower.
 When its all gathered, stitch the two loose ends together and you have your flower.
 Hot glue some gems in the center and BAM, cute gathered flower which also make great hair accessories!

I did two black satin and one of the same fabric in the center of my frame.

I glued them on using hot glue and my frame wreath is complete. :)

I love it and I get a ton of compliments on it, even the delivery guy last week said he liked knowing he was at the right house before knocking on the door.

So I hope I've inspired you to upcycle an old frame into a beautiful wreath for your door!

The entire cost of the project was:
Goodwill frame $5
Spray paint $3
Wooden letters $4
Fabric $2
I had the glue and mod podge already in my supplies.
Total: $14

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thefab4m's said...

that is super cute....and so versatile that you could make other arrangements to put inside that beautiful black frame!

Diva Locks said...

OMG that is so super cute! I love it! So creative, now I want to make one :)

Cory said...
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Anora said...

Thats wonderful...

NO doubt it is very creative and skillful work..
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