Tuesday, September 7

Costumes Galore

I love Halloween and its right around Labor Day every year that I start thinking of what to make for this coming Halloween. I have a degree in Theatre, so I love dressing up! I love dressing my kiddos up and my husband too! My favorite is our matching Pirate costumes. :)

Leave a comment and tell me what you're favorite Halloween costume has been??

This year, my kids want to be the same things they were last year and that's fine with me...so I'd like to sell my services!

If you live in the Queen Creek/Mesa/Gilbert, Arizona area...I am looking for clients who would like to have unique costumes made for Halloween 2010! The client will provide the pattern & materials, I will sew the costumes. Children's costume construction fees $35-$50 (depending on difficulty) and adult costumes would be $80-$100.

I do have some patterns that clients can look at to use if they'd like.

I would like to shop with you and give you my 15% discount at JoAnn's Fabrics. Let me know via email me if you're interested note2lola@gmail.com

There may be fittings, especially with adults, that you'd need to make yourself available to come to my house. The costumes I make stand the test of time and are so much better then what you get at any store.

Here are a sampling of costumes I've made...

Snow White

Renaissance Dress

Adult Pirates

Child Pirate

I don't have a picture of the costume standing (bummer) but I created the headress and the wig is a cheap one I bought online and made it look better.



Batman with a cape

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