Thursday, September 30

Giveaway Winner

I'm so happy to announce a winner, sorry its taken a couple extra days (I have a cranky, teething baby).

I found a random number generator on the internet. Each person was assigned a number or two or three according to the rules of the giveaway.

The winner is..................(drum roll please).................

Katie W.
(you have to send me a picture of you or one of your girls wearing it)
I'll send you an email (and since I happen to know where you live) I'll bring by your felt flower headband laters.
Thank you all for entering, I know you were mostly my personal friends, but that's how these blogs grow is by word of mouth!! And for those followers who I don't know personally THANK YOU SO MUCH for following this little blog!!!!!!!!
I'll have another giveaway in late October/early November!

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