Tuesday, September 14


I'm doing my very FIRST GIVEAWAY!
I'm very excited!!
Here's what I'm giving away...
One of my felt flower hair clips with headband.
I made one for my BFF (she got a ton of compliments) and she wondered if there was a way to make the flower so it can go on a clip or a headband...I put my brain to work and came up with a way to make it work. So you can wear the flower as a hairclip or on the headband.
How do you enter!?????
1. All entrants must be followers of my craft blog, La La Lola Handmade Gifts
2. For one entry, leave a comment with which color you would choose if you won along with the email I can contact you if you win
3. For an additional entry, become a fan of La La Lola Handmade Gifts on Facebook
4. If you link this post onto your blog and leave a comment saying you did so, then you will get an additional entry
The contest ends on Septemer 28th...so that's two weeks from today!

Lavendar Felt Flower
Pink Felt Flower
Grey Felt Flower
Thank you for looking and for entering!


Kristi said...

Hey Lola! Super cute! I would want the black and white one. My email address is: mortensen.kristi@gmail.com

Kayla said...

Hey lola there so pretty! And this is a great idea. I'd want the lavendar one. My email is kayla.riggs@gmail.com

Payten's Corner said...

Ok so I have been anti-bow/flower clips for the moms, for awhile now, but I can not keep fighting it, they are so cute! Everyone that I see wearing one I can't help but think how cute it looks, even though I am anti! Why I am anti I don't know! I guess I want to go against the trend! But I am done! I want to be trendy!!!! LOL! Anyways I would love to win one or learn how to make one or buy one from you! I have no idea which color I would want, probably the neutral black and white one, that way I could wear it with anything! Anyways, as I always say, you are super cute and creative, anything you touch becomes beautiful Lola! I love looking at all the creative stuff you do, it amazes me! Email address is jkzmerrill@msn.com

cowsrme_81 said...

Lola I love the new felt flower with or without the headband! You are so super creative and I love the PINK one! My email address is:



Chef Tess said...

Lola...I would totally wear this on Valley Dish or one of my Fox 10 segments! So dang cute!! I'm already a fan on face book and added you to my fan page's favorites as well.

superh2ogirl said...

I'm a follower of your blog :)

The Pink and Gray one is precious.


superh2ogirl said...

I am a fan of the la la lola facebook page. :)


Katie said...

I thought they were super cute when I was over at your house yesterday. I love the black and white. My email is: kit_kat_h2o@yahoo.com

The Atkinson's said...


Ok I became a follower, I posted you on Facebook, became a fan and I will accept the Black one when "I" win!! J/K I love your stuff!!! XOXOXOXO

Sarah Atkinson

Twylla Gibbens said...

You have some really cute stuff! I love the grey felt flower.

My email is twyllagibbens@yahoo.com

The Stanford Bunch said...

I am a follower and a fan on facebook! I love the black one! mistielin@gmail.com

Johnston*family said...

I think the black and white one is fave for most everyone so far. I like it a lot too.. goes with a lot of outfits.
I posted a link on fb before I even read the rules for your contest. lol. I love your flowers!!!!

The Bottjer Family said...

Very cute stuff! Love the purple one! Please pick me! =)

Jen Heward said...

Lola- I still love my blue one- thanks again. Evelyn saw it the next day and wanted it in her hair and actually kept it in- for about 5 minutes- but that is saying a lot for her. If I were to win I would want the black and white one. I am now a follower and am a fan on facebook and have linked the blog to mine. Love ya girl!

Jen Heward said...

oops- forgot my email- jcheward@gmail.com

Evsen Family said...

Lola, you are so crafty and talented, I love it!

The lavender one rocks!
My email is aliciaemreayla@gmail.com

kim said...

Hey Lola, I would love to get one with my school colors. Maroon and gold!!!



Anonymous said...

Super Cute Lola!! Super Cute!! So... I think I would have to have one in black in white for sure!! My email address is lacee@rhinestonesandbling.com. I, of course, am a follower of your blog, commented on your blog, am a facebook follower AND I added your button to RhinestonesandBling.Blogspot.com.