Monday, September 27

Busy as a Beaver

Ok...if you haven't entered my very first GIVEAWAY, then scroll down and enter! Its free and who doesn't love to win things!!

I am prepping for my very first boutique and I have to say its been super hard to focus on everything that needs to be done. I will post more info on the Mae Boutique soon!! If you live in the Gilbert/Queen Creek/Mesa/San Tan Valley area mark your calendar for October 8 & 9!!! My friend, Christine, hosts a rockin' awesome boutique in her home and I'm so glad to be part of it!!

I finally made a list...I have to, in order to get things done! I suffer from "Crafting ADD" (so, Christine says) and I do find it very hard to focus on one project at a time! Been totally into wreaths lately...yarn and felt have been inspiring me...feel free to click on the links below to see what's new in my etsy shop:

QUESTION: I always wonder about price on my etsy shop!! Do you think my prices are fair? After much looking on, I find that I'm priced way below most other shops, but I do know my quality is as good or better...I don't charge a lot because its a hobby and I want to make enough to support my addiction to crafting!! Please share your thoughts!! Do I up my prices or stay the same?

Also, hosted my first Crafting Bee Night last Tuesday...WAY FUN!! I'll post the October Crafting Bee on Facebook, so please "Like" me there if you're interested in coming!

Well, I should go to bed...the baby is teething which means very little sleep and another long and busy day tomorrow.

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